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Bhel Puri

Bhel Puri

Today we have come with you BHEL recipes for you. This is Mumbai’s popular street food. Bhel is very tasty to eat the whole lick. Bachelor licks all the kids and likes them all. That’s why people ask – how to make a mistake or how to make Bhel full? So, take note of the method of making BHEL complete, and try it today. We are sure that you will definitely like the BHEL recipe.

A Bhelpuri is a very quick and easy recipe. This snack is made from Murmur, Save, peanut grams, boiled potato, chut masala and sour-sweet chutney, and is the perfect snack for those who are dieting. It is also a great way to eradicate light hunger.

Ingredient BHEL Puri

Lie-Puffed rice – 100 gms,
Sense_sev – 50 grams,
Crust / Matthi Papdi or Mathri – 06 nos.,
Potato_ Potato – 01 (Boiled and small-cut)
Onion – 01 (finely chopped),
Tomato-Tomato-01 (Finely chopped) (If your mind)
Green coriander – Coriander – 01 tbsp (finely chopped),
Lemon juice – Lemon juice – 02 teaspoons,
Green Chutney – Green Chutney – 01 tbsp,
Tamarind Sweet Chutney Sweet Chutney – 01 teaspoons,
Chut masala_ Chat masala – 1/2 teaspoon,
Salt – Salt – according to taste

Recipe of BHEL Puri :

  • For the entire recipe for BHEL, first, break the whole / mathari into small pieces.
  • Now mix the saree, lye, and whole in a bowl. Mix potatoes and onions as well.
  • Put green chutney and sweet sauce on top. Simultaneously, salt and chaat spices sprinkle as per taste and squeeze the lemon as needed.
  • Take the complete procedure to complete the BHEL Completed. Just mix the prepared mixture well. And then roast the green coriander from the top of the bell and roast it.
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Bhelpuri should not be kept after making it, otherwise, it is sealed in a while and its taste goes. Therefore, therefore, only at the time of eating and use it immediately.

Keep the Number of green chillies according to your taste.



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