Paneer Paratha – How to Make Tasty Paneer Paratha in Just 5 Min

Paneer Paratha

Paneer ParathaPaneer Paratha

Many times, I am saving a lot of milk in the house, at this time either I am giving this milk curd or making it a paneer. It takes a little time to set the paneer. If I do not have the time, then by filtering it with sieve Make it a paneer, it is not right for the cheese gravy, but the fillets of this cottage cheese are very good. When one day the child wants to drink milk, then you can make cottage cheese in this way and make its paratha, this paratha looks good to all. If you have made paneer, then you can grate it very easily and make its Paneer Paratha.

The paratha of paneer is very tasty. If you are not in the mood to make many things, then make parathas of paneer; The whole meal itself If you want, add chopped onions or little-boiled potatoes in it as per your taste For Paneer Paratha.

So let’s start

(For 8 parathas)


Paneer ParathaTo knead the dough

Wheat flour 2 cups
About 1 cup of water, kneading the dough


To fill in Paneer Paratha

  • Paneer 250 grams to fill in paratha
  • Salt ¾ teaspoon
  • Ground red pepper ½ teaspoon
  • Chat masala ½ teaspoon
  • Green Chili 2-3
  • Chopped coriander leaves 1 tbsp
  • Ghee/oil to taste 2-3 tablespoons, paratha
  • Dry flour dough to make about 2 tablespoons, paratha


  1. Take a dough in a bowl, take soft dough in it, mixing slightly in it. After kneading the dough to give good elasticity in the dough, it is also good for a little while. Cover the dough for 10 minutes.
  2. Now make the 9 kneads in 9 equal parts.

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To fill in Paneer Paratha

  1. Paste the cheese well.
  2. Remove the stove of green chili and wash it well and cut it finely.
  3. Now add chopped green chilies, green coriander, salt, red chili powder, and chat masala to the paneer and mix all the ingredients well together.
  4. Now take a bowl, put it in a circle of about 3 inches with the help of dried flour (sprout). Now put a little oil/ghee layer in it.
  5. Now put one spoonful of paneer spices in it, and slowly, as shown in the photo, close it. Remove the dough from the upper part (the beak that looks like extra dough). By doing so, the stomach spreads inside the paratha and paratha flows during the sixty
  6. Now with the help of Parathan, take the paratha in the 6-inch circle.
  7. Now heat the pan. Smoothen the surface of the pan with a little oil/ghee and keep it on top. Wait 30-35 seconds and turn the parathas back. Now add little oil/ghee and mix the Paratha on both sides with medium flame.
  8. In the same way, they also made the rest of the parathas.
  9. Make a paratha by mixing them with the pieces of flour which are extracted after filling with the pulp
  10. Delicious Cottage Parathas are ready.

Paneer ParathaTips to serve

Serve paneer paratha with yogurt or pickle and chutney of your choice. If you want, you can also serve a little butter, along with the cheese paratha.

Some Tips / Suggestions

As soon as a paratha falls on the pan, you prepare the second paratha and prepare it. The tawa is not left empty and it also saves time.

For the children’s lunch box:

Paneer is a great source of protein, carbohydrate, and calcium. Paneer parasite is a great option for children’s lunch boxes. It is also easy for the children to eat and it is nutritious too. If you want, add chopped onion, garlic, or even a little-boiled potato in it, depending on the taste of your baby. I have kept fresh strawberries with paneer parathas and also sesame seeds in children’s lunch bags ….. you can keep fruits and sweet according to your child’s taste …


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